high vibration life

I’m sure many of you have heard of the New Age-y concept of the law of attraction. Maybe you watched “The Secret” documentary on Netflix or read the book, got inspired, but then dismissed the idea altogether when you didn’t immediately manifest a wedding ring or a new sports car just by thinking about it. I’ve even had my fair share of doubts, but maybe that’s exactly why I didn’t see the results that I imagined. How are we supposed to manifest something if we only half-believe it will show up and only half-ass the process of raising our vibrational frequency?

But do you want to know what the root of “The Secret” is? It’s not just blind faith, it’s not witchcraft, it’s quantum physics (for all of you “science over faith” people). It’s kind of hard to summarize something so complex, but I found this quote that sums it up pretty nicely:

“Think of a quantum wave function as an e-mail you transmit out into the universe, containing the details of what you want to have, do and be in your life, containing data of what you want to cohere, or manifest, in your reality.”

Your thoughts are e-mails that you send out to the universe and the response that you get is based on what you send out. Are your thoughts filled with negativity, fear, and self-doubt or are they filled with positivity, gratitude, and faith? If you sent somebody a negative e-mail, chances are you would get a negative response. The universe is responding to you. It’s science.

One of my go-to coping mechanisms for feeling depressed has been laying in bed all day, skipping class, going in and out of sleep as much as possible while a Netflix show drones on in the background, and just hoping that something good might happen eventually if I mope around long enough. Sounds pretty stupid, right? Guess when I actually do start feeling better? When I realize that nothing good magically pops up out of nowhere when I’m feeling sorry for myself and wasting my days away. It’s when I decide to make a cup of tea, meditate, go to yoga, pray, actually go to class and get some homework done, hang out with good friends, paint something (even if it sucks), write, go outside, etc. Then I start having more positive thoughts, I start feeling more energized, and then maybe I get a few strokes of “good luck” here and there. When I start doing things that make me happy and start loving life, life starts to love me back.

Today, I came across a podcast series called “High Vibration Life” by Robyn Openshaw. After feeling rather down in the dumps for the last couple days, it was really nice to get a reminder of the law of attraction and how it works. It begins at the cellular level. The world rearranges to mirror the energy that you’re giving off. This is why people who always complain find themselves in even more negative situations, or why people who always whine about being single never find the right person, or why people who fight every single moment of their lives to be positive, gracious, and faithful despite what circumstances are in front of them usually end up with serendipitous blessings and good outcomes. Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for, negativity attracts more things to feel negative about. If you don’t believe it, then sit back and think about some of the best and worst times in your life…what kind of mindset did you have? What kind of activities did you engage in? How were you taking care of your body?

After listening to Robyn’s podcast, I decided to do her little challenge of writing about what my “high frequency life” looks like. Basically, she asked what your life would look like at your healthiest, happiest, and most spiritually connected. This is what mine said:

  • I don’t crave alcohol or unhealthy food. I only crave to put things in my body that make me feel good.
  • The only relationships I engage in lift my spirit and make me feel good about myself.
  • I have the strength and self-respect to turn away from people who don’t act like they value me or see my worth.
  • I am strong and fulfilled on my own; I don’t need anyone’s validation or attention to feel happy and complete.
  • I wake up early in the morning, ready to take on the day. I view my responsibilities and priorities as blessings of opportunity.
  • I am careful about the energy that I bring to any situation. I lift up the people around me and think more about how I can positively affect others.
  • I spend less time beating myself up about the past and spend more time creating a better future.
  • I exercise, do yoga, and meditate as often as I can.

Once you put it all out there in tangible form, you realize that living your best life isn’t a pipe dream…it’s completely doable and realistic if you put your mind to it. So, I challenge you to think about your “high vibration life” and write down some of your goals. Look at them everyday and really feel what its like to achieve them.

I highly recommend listening to the episode that I listened today, here is the link. I also recommend watching this video of Jim Carrey and Oprah, two of the most well-known celebrities today that both came from difficult backgrounds and claim that visualization and hard work helped them achieve success. They are living, breathing examples of people who created amazing futures through positive intention. It’s not just hippie-dippie bullshit…it’s how you can genuinely change your life for the better.

I’m hoping that one day, I can give utilizing the law of attraction complete credit for my bountiful and fortunate life. But if I’m doing it right…I’m going to say that I already have it.

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