the autumn equinox and what it says about your life

Whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual person, the autumn equinox is said to be a symbol of harvesting and gratitude.

According to this website, “Indigenous cultures recognized earth-based wisdom and understood that the four focal points of the year: the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox; illuminated stages of an inner spiritual journey – a spiritual cycle that the individual takes within themselves.”

The seasons and cycles that go on in nature are also present in our every day lives. I find myself in very similar positions and emotional states depending on the time of the year, and Fall has always been my favorite season. Whereas most people’s favorite holiday is Christmas so they can wake up in the morning to see bundle of presents under the tree, my favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. No giving, no taking, just expressing thankfulness for everything that is currently present in your life.

It is said that the autumn equinox is also a good time to think about your past as well as the journey you’re currently on, and to set positive intentions that will manifest in the winter. Personally, I think everyone needs a good excuse to take a step back and reflect on where they’ve been and where they’re going. After all, it was the Ancient Greeks that wrote frequently about the importance of “knowing thyself” in their literature.

If you want to get really “hippie-dippie”, intuitive astrologists declare this as a time where we are going to be wrapping up whatever lessons we have needed to deal with in 2017 and to face up to any truths that have now become a reality. Facing the truth is sometimes hard…maybe you need to outgrow a certain habit, person, lifestyle, or mindset that you haven’t been fully ready to confront. After all, it is the season when trees shed their dead leaves and make room for regrowth.

Here are some positive intentions about releasing negativity that you can write about and/or speak into the Universe. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel when you clearly set your mind on want you want.

  • “Even though I love (blank), I am ready to release them/it and welcome peace into my life.”
  • “I am no longer going to hold onto (blank), I am ready to let go and experience joy.”
  • “I release all that no longer serves me and welcome in energy that is only for my highest good.”
  • “It is no longer my responsibility to carry (blank), I now release this weight to the heavens.”
  • “I clear myself and release myself from (blank), I am now free to be at peace.”

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