mental health awareness day

For as long as I can remember, at least since elementary school, I’ve definitely been somebody you can classify as a “worry wart”. Feelings of impending doom and panic and heightened emotions over small events and mishaps are all things I’m quite familiar with. It took me a while to stop classifying these characteristics as flaws, problems, or things that are wrong with me. They’re qualities I have that make me a human being. Even if they might make me fit into a certain category or label, it doesn’t mean that I’m crazy. I’m sure everybody reading this could take a step back and reflect on the way they handle things at times and recognize their quirks and realize that they, too, aren’t perfect. We all in one way or another have oddities that make us unique, and it’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

It always boggles my mind when I think about how somebody could have a broken arm, asthma, or diabetes and it wouldn’t be considered as taboo or “made up”, but when somebody has a mental illness that stems from the fact that they have a chemical imbalance, it comes with negative connotations. People with mental illnesses are often deemed as weak, dramatic, or just insane…but people with diseases in other organs of their bodies are given sympathy, compassion, and understanding. Those kind of diseases come across as more “real” to people than diseases that affect a person’s emotions and behavior. It doesn’t make any sense.

Even though you might have emotional setbacks that other people don’t have, you have gifts and qualities that other people don’t have as well. I know that the struggles that I’ve faced with anxiety have made me a completely more self-aware person, I’ve developed such an interest in Psychology and health and wellness because of it, and I probably am one of the most understanding and empathetic people you’ll ever meet. I might be hypersensitive but that comes along with the ability to be extremely intuitive, creative, and a good communicator. I’m done beating myself up or comparing myself to others because of what sets me apart. I’d rather start celebrating the traits that I have and focus on the positive sides instead.

And today, I started thinking about what I’m going to write a few months from now when I do reach my goals and feel ten times better than I do today. Because I know that it’s going to happen. The Law of Attraction is a very real thing that states that if you want to start manifesting positive changes in your life, you have to know and believe that it’s already happening and that you will get everything you desire, no questions asked.

One day, I’m going to feel stronger, both mentally and emotionally. I’m going to be more comfortable in my own skin, I’m not going to fight so hard to resist a drink, and I’m going to enjoy my hobbies that I neglected for so long more than I ever have. I’m going to get back to that place where my health was my top priority. I’m going to revel in the amazing feeling of my own company, or just being in a comfortable place with my good friends without getting the urge to abuse alcohol and escape reality. My reality is going to be a good place…I’m going to get the happiness that I finally DESERVE. For so long, I didn’t really believe that I deserved happiness and being content with my life. I felt like that was too good to be true and that drama and mayhem were going to follow me no matter where I went. Now, I feel like I owe it to myself to make the conscious effort to remove myself from those situations so I can live the life that I’ve always wanted. It’s up to me to create my happy future, and now I believe that I actually can do that by making the right choices and not giving up.