when temptation strikes

It was a touuugh weekend, to say the least. I probably should lead with the disclaimer that I resisted the urge to drink, even though I really wanted to for the first time since I stopped. I had a triggering moment that made me feel super insecure and small. I wanted to run and hide... Continue Reading →

traveling ​boozeless

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I traveled to Atlanta to visit his family for his sister's birthday. I'm not used to taking weekend trips where alcohol isn't in the equation, so this was definitely a test for me in more ways than one. First of all, my boyfriend and I traveled separately. He was... Continue Reading →

30 days

I started this blog in 2016 with the hopes of never drinking again. I think I ended up making it to day 11 and convinced myself somehow that it'd be okay to have a beer or six in the comfort of my own home with some friends, and then the cycle of breaking my own... Continue Reading →

me + alcohol don’t mix

You've probably heard the argument that some people have an "addictive personality" and some don't. I wouldn't say that I have an addictive personality in general. I've experimented with drugs and never felt the urge to do them again. I don't smoke anything, and I HATE the way nicotine makes me feel. But when it comes... Continue Reading →

tired of being tired

What was my breaking point? My rock bottom? My final straw? Was it crashing my car? No. Going to jail? Nope. Being on probation? Definitely not. I drank more than I ever did while on probation...and I was underage. Going to the hospital due to a drunken head injury wasn't it either. And when I had plans... Continue Reading →

my not-so-fun 24th

My 24th birthday just passed in July, and instead of going bar-hopping like I would any other Saturday night, I wanted to spend the weekend camping. I had never gone camping, and it seemed like a great alternative to just sitting at a bar getting hammered. I genuinely told both my boyfriend and myself beforehand... Continue Reading →

where i’m at now

Wow. My last post was almost two years ago. So much has changed since then, but some things have stayed the same. One thing is for sure: You can't move away from your demons, a relationship (even with your dream man) won't solve all your problems, and the people around you aren't 100% to blame... Continue Reading →

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